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EMEM2016. Design the future | Modena, Italy, 7th September 2016

Homm-sw presented at the EMEM Conference

Homm-sw and MOVIO tested for storytelling application

Testing of two ICT tools in Hungarian museums

Digital Heritage 2013 | Marseille, France, 28 Oct. - 1 Nov. 2013

HOMM: a poster will be presented at the Conference

South-East European Virtual Heritage School | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina , 24th-28th June 2013

HOMM presented in the Session on "Digital Storytelling for Virtual Museums"

Athena+ workshop on "Digital storytelling for mediation and valorisation of cultural heritage" | Berlin, Germany, 9th October 2013

HOMM software will be presented at the workshop

Contemporary Authentic | Milan, Italy, 16th May 2013

HOMM presented in the Session on "Approcci ed esperienze"

Medi@tando | 5th edition | Rimini, Italy, 10-11 January 2013

HOMM presented in the Session on "Cultural heritage and media education"

Museum Learning and New Technologies, 13-15 Steptember 2012

Dr. Ghose presents HOMM at the ASEMUS 2012 Conference, Seoul (Korea)

Meeting at Museo della Scienza Leonardo da Vinci, 2nd December 2011

A dialogue on HOMM at the most important Italian Science and Technology museum

homm_ICT for hands-on multimedia activities in musems

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