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Medi@tando | 5th edition | Rimini, Italy, 10-11 January 2013

Officina Emilia participates in the Medi@tando Conference, organized by the Centre Zaffiria that is held in Rimini on 10 and 11 January 2013.

The Conference is a meeting for researchers, health workers, educators, teachers who work and do research in different contexts and aims to address strategic issues to develop media education in Italy: skills, innovation in practices and methodologies , sharing of experiences, redefining the objectives and possibilities of media education Italian. Medi@tando is also intended as a meeting place, training and networking.

Officina Emilia will present the project HOMM, with a set of ICT tools to support hands-on  and multimedia activities in museums.
presentation by Margherita Russo

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> Look at the conference program

homm_ICT for hands-on multimedia activities in musems

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