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Informal learning and teaching in museums
Hands-on activities
are regarded now as a constituent part of museum activities
Information Communication Technology (ICT) based tools can be used repeatedly, in different and personalized ways, in:
> interactive games
> 'edutainment'
> sharing resources
> building communities of users

unexplored ICT dimensions in museums
homm aims at providing social content, updated and enriched with the engagement of users, by:
> keeping interactive track of visits
> evaluating efficacy of individual activities and hands-on programmes
> sharing resources (modularity and scalability)
> involving communities in a multi-dimensional way, within museums' hands-on labs and outside the museum

innovation in museum learning
homm aims to foster
> attention, creativity and critical knowledge
> multi-disciplinary informal learning approaches
> the development of solutions appropriate for widest segment of population
> the creation of knowledge systems suitable from 'cradle to maturity'

building links between learning contexts
homm supports deepening and widening knowledge, through
> interaction and collaboration
> focus on critical knowledge
> exposure to variety of media
> encouragement of comparative perspective
learning by networking
From CM and OE to networks of museums across the world:
pathways to spread homm through a network of museums that promote inclusion, learning through hands-on activities on technology, culture, society

homm_ICT for hands-on multimedia activities in musems

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