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creating a multidisciplinary project team with experts in
mechanical and computer engineering, complex systems, multimedia, communication design systems, education planning, design, textiles, crafts

creating a network of museums and joining existing networks
Widening the constituency using homm in order to take advantage of
> economies of scale, so an increasing number of museums could benefit from its use
> economies of scope, so a large variety of effective practices across museums, including those in informal education, could be compared, assessed and implemented

fostering a new identity for museums
homm aims to
> enhance informal training in museums
> intermingle informal and formal training
> collaborate with decision-making bodies to expand the concept to the public, in particular to those citizens and communities who are not traditional users of museums

seeking partners for shaping the future
homm requires
> seed capital to develop and implement the prototype and its multi-media contents
> private investors in social innovation
> public funds supporting multi-disciplinary projects

homm_ICT for hands-on multimedia activities in musems

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