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EMEM2016. Design the future | Modena, Italy, 7th September 2016

Homm-sw presented at the EMEM Conference

Homm-sw and MOVIO tested for storytelling application

Testing of two ICT tools in Hungarian museums

Homm-sw: instructions on line

a dedicated website with instructions on homm-sw

INSITE 2014 | Modena, Italy, 12th April

Laboratory “How do you «exhibit» intangible heritage? Theory and practice of Homm-sw”

Digital Heritage 2013 | Marseille, France, 28 Oct. - 1 Nov. 2013

HOMM: a poster will be presented at the Conference

South-East European Virtual Heritage School | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina , 24th-28th June 2013

HOMM presented in the Session on "Digital Storytelling for Virtual Museums"

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shaping the future

homm_ICT for hands-on and multi-media laboratories in museums

Homm is an initiative promoted by the Crafts Museum (New Delhi) and Officina Emilia (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy) to support inclusion, lifelong learning and the regeneration of competence networks to foster sustainable innovation.

Issues and expected outcomes have been presented in a  series of meetings in India (New Delhi), Italy (Modena, Milan, Teramo, Rimini), Korea (Seoul), Spain (Barcelona and Terrassa), United Kingdom (London), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)   to boost a discussion on this initiative.

A software application is now available for exploiting ICT applications to support inclusive museums: the tool allows immediately to "manipulate" materials so far poorly disseminated, poorly known, printed in few copies, too specialized or older and outdated, but still appropriate to their educational usage. The manipulation of texts, the use of images and videos, the ability to create free connections and to implement the filing of documents are exactly what a new generation of teachers and educational staff expect to find in a toolbox to support them in the common work and in museums.

download a short presentation in pdf

homm_ICT for hands-on multimedia activities in musems

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