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Museum Learning and New Technologies, 13-15 Steptember 2012

Museum Learning and New Technologies

by Dr Ruchira Ghose
Chairman, Crafts Museum, New Delhi

presented at the 5th Asia Europe Museum Network (ASEMUS) General Conference
13-15 September 2012  | Seoul (Korea)
Session 3: Technology and Museum Education | 14 September 2012 |

Museums are increasingly seen as important centres of informal and non-formal education. In this context, and given the all-embracing impact of new technologies in the lives of young and old, how can ICT (Information Communication Technologies) best serve the functions of a Museum? The paper examines this issue with reference to the special case of the national Crafts Museum of India, and puts forward the view that, given certain demographics in India, the nature of craft knowledge and traditions, and the overall goals of the museum, there is an enormous amount that could be achieved if ICT is incorporated into Museum learning in an imaginative way.

Inclusion (widening visitor base to more and different communities) and contextualisation (of objects on display) are two of the several goals of the Crafts Museum, and ICT offers the potential to address both in new and creative ways. In particular, by enabling communication of visual and aural information, learning is facilitated to non-literate visitors. ICT offers also the possibility to collect and record information from museum visitors and so can open up a universe of knowledge that lies embedded in the narrative and oral traditions that are so closely related to crafts.

These are among the many issues being explored in a collaborative project between Crafts Museum New Delhi, India and Officina Emilia, Modena, Italy, titled 'Hands On Multi Media (HOMM) and Museums'. The paper is based on research done towards this project.

Programme of the Asia Europe Museum Network General Conference 2012

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