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HOMM_international workshop at Officina Emilia, Modena, 5-6 December 2011

Modena, Italy | venues: Facoltà di Economia and Officina Emilia

Officina Emilia organizes an international workshop to contribute at the discussion on museums as strategic agents in fostering lifelong learning, innovation and development.
The workshop is promoted by the EU-Insite Project (WP-7 Generalized ICT) and supported also by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena (international workshops).


The workshop will outline the state of the art and the applications of multimedia ICT tools in museums, supporting informal learning through interactive labs on technology.
A wide exchange of ideas will cover three domains:
a) the state of the art concerning ICT applications in promoting active lifelong learning in museums
b) the role of innovations fostering the regeneration of complex competences, such as the artisanal ones in India, or the mechanical competence network in the niche production of the Emilia Romagna machine producers
c) the promotion a network of museums for the design and implementation of multimedia tools supporting lifelong learning

The list of invited speakers and the programme will be updated at the end of November.

Preliminary programme:

First session: issues to be addressed in developing homm
Specific issues:
Tradition and innovation in Indian handicraft;
why is handmade relevant for development and how is innovation connected to it or indeed actively encouraged by it versus ‘craft is a sunset sector in India’;
how might a multidisciplinary perspective on innovation and sustainability (economy, society, gender, environment, culture, …) be developed to deal with issues of handicrafts and development, and regeneration of complex competencies and development

Second session: HOMM_demo: application and narratives
Presentation of the HOMM_demo, with some applications for OE and CM; discussion of the software architecture chosen; description, through narratives, of the features that we wish to incorporate into HOMM
Specific issues:
Design ICT as an integral part of the museum narratives
Architecture of sw and hw: interoperability; proprietary issues vs creative commons;
Obsolescence of ICT (hw and sw) and graphics
Encyclopedic vs selective content
Information overload

Third session: ICT in museums and LLL
Four to five talks on in-depth exploration of technology themes and trade-off implications concerning their use in museums (talks of ICT experts and cultural economics experts)
Specific issues
What is the role of design?
Creation of value: which values?
Narratives used to bring new constituencies (young people, non-literate, …) into learning processes (eg about relevance of handicraft sector)
Artistic dimension
How do we counter immanence of ICT experience? Seriality vs intensity

Fourth session: shaping the future: policy issues and collaborative actions
A dialogue on the development of HOMM for funding in the next EU calls

detailed programme

background notes on homm (2011 meetings)

homm_ICT for hands-on multimedia activities in musems

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