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HOMM_1st meeting at Crafts Museum, New Delhi, 11th November 2011

Museums, Education and New Technologies | HOMM_1st Meeting |
Discussion with Participants

h. 14.30-18.00

List of participants
Kanu Agrawa l architect
Siddhartha Das | designer
Sudha Gopalakrishnan | executive director Sahapedia
Nidhi Harit | Deputy Director at Crafts Museum
Arundhati Mitter | designer education and museum
Abhimanyu Nohwar | designer, Sahapedia
Mushtak Khan | former Deputy Director at Crafts Museum, New Delhi
Pallavi Singh Keshri | entrepreneur, eyaas.com
Margherita Russo | economist
Ruchira Ghose | chairman at the Crafts Museum

Themes for Discussion

While we hope to enjoy a freewheeling discussion on the general theme of Museums and Education in the context of New Technologies, we thought we could perhaps keep two themes in mind to structure the discussion just a little, which might help also to arrive at some concrete proposals at the end of the session.

The two themes:

  1.  In terms of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) what would each of you, as a visitor, like to have in place at the Crafts Museum?
    Two desiderata/proposals/specific needs that each participant feels are important or essential. The basic idea is that to support education and life long learning (LLL) we have to understand what kinds of interest and information the Crafts Museum can offer.
  2. Two Case Studies in the context of the Crafts Museum (Textiles and Ceramics).
    Given the different constituencies we might want to address, what kinds of information and levels of knowledge can we envisage in the context of the two significant craft groups (eg. textiles and ceramics). These two cases could become a pivot around which the possibilities and implications of HOMM could be explored.

Follow up
Suggestions for the Craft Museum: a new identity


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