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HOMM_2nd meeting at Crafts Museum, New Delhi, 22th November 2011

Museums, Education and New Technologies | HOMM_2nd Meeting |

The meeting will be from 10 am to 1pm
A packed lunch will be offered by the Crafts Museum at 1pm.

List of invited participants
Kanu Agrawal | Architect, New Delhi
Cesare Bieller | Italian Embassy in New Delhi
Rossana Cazzato | Economist, New Delhi
Vaibhav Chauhan | Paper conservator, Sahapedia, New Delhi
Marie Eve Celio | Art historian, museum curator, consultant for UNESCO, New Delhi
Siddhartha Das | Designer, New Delhi
Loredana Enea | New Delhi
S. Gopalakrishnan | Project manager Sahapedia, New Delhi
Sudha Gopalakrishnan | Executive director Sahapedia, New Delhi
Ruchira Ghose | Chairman at the Crafts Museum, New Delhi
Nidhi Harit | Deputy director at Crafts Museum, New Delhi
Venkat Matoory | Chief Executive,  Junior Achievement India, New Delhi
Arundhati Mitter | Designer education and museum, New Delhi
Abhimanyu Nohwar | designer, Sahapedia, New Delhi
Amar Kanwar | Film maker
Mushtak Khan | Former deputy director at Crafts Museum, New Delhi
Pallavi Singh Keshri | Entrepreneur, crafts, eyaas.com, New Delhi
Leopoldina Lopez y Royo | artist, New Delhi
Giulio Passarelli | student at Goldsmith, London
Anita Rampal | Dean of the Department of Education, Delhi University
Margherita Russo | Professor of Economic Policy, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
Anupam Sah | Head of Art Conservation, Research and Training, CSMVS Museum Art Conservation Centre, Mumbai
Gitanjali Surendran |  Historian, Sahapedia, New Delhi
Angela Trezza | Director at Italian Cultural Institute, New Delhi
Awadhesh Tripathi | Sahapedia, New Delhi

Themes for Discussion

With this second meeting we will continue the discussion we started in the 11th November meeting.
We will focus on two or three exhibits/techniques on display in the galleries of the Crafts Museum. The goal is to explore the use of information communication technologies for:

  • education in museums (for lifelong learning)
  • support and sustainability of handicraft
  • cluster and innovation policy
  • widening and diversifying the constituencies served by the Museum

We hope to arrive at some concrete proposals at the end of the session.


  1. Participants introduce themselves
  2. Ruchira Ghose 'Crafts Museum: a new identity'
  3. Margherita Russo 'Beyond ICT in Museums: HOMM at Crafts Museum as a pilot project on innovation and development for sustainable handicraft'
  4. Discussion with participants about pilot project - information available, multidisciplinary resources required, time for design and implementation, policy issues
  5. Preview of short film by Siddhartha Das on The Lathe

Brief note on HOMM >>>



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