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homm-sw 1.6.1

Main features of the software: A software demo with content

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In addition to the field validation for the software application, the 'story-net' is currently used to evaluate both the process of content organization and the resulting user-experience for a non-linear storytelling model.

At the moment there are three main users: Officina Emilia, Crafts Museum, Szépm?vészeti Múzeum.
In the Officina Emilia's section, a story-net: "A lathe at school" is available both in the Italian version and in the version with subtitles in English.
In the Craft Museum's section, "The puchu pots" is a work in progress with Crafts Museum, in collaboration with Siddharta Das.
In the Szépm?vészeti Múzeum's section there are projects to compare homm-sw with Movio.
An experimental use for students will, start soon.
A trial area is open for users who want to test homm-sw.

Where can we go from here?
So far we have produced a modular activity.
This is just the starting point of a more complex project. The software could be developed for many different contexts, languages and so on.
Current ideas on the functionalities to be developed are presented in a narrative form in a set of five stories (see narrating functionalities)

Homm-sw is available to non-profit organizations who intend to develop a new feature and share the upgrade with previous users and with new users at the same condition

contact: Margherita Russo | University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

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