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sw architecture

what does homm ask ICT for users, in terms of content?
> to expand, through snowball effect,  multi-media content and connections for user browsing (on-site and from the web)
> to suggest associations and "mind maps" for semantic navigation
> to support a collaborative environment for teachers, schools and museum operators
> to create a repository of communities of practices

what does homm ask ICT for users, in terms of software design?

> a web system to create and manage web communities
> ICT information points in the museum to complement experience with multi-media activities
> a web site with personal workspaces for each user to 'continue visit after the visit'
> group management and collaborative tools to expand the content repository

what does homm ask ICT for users, in terms of experience?
before the visit
> creation of personal workspace
> preliminary self-evaluation
during the visit
> a limited time for ICT interaction
> storing information on personal workspace
> multi-channel extensions
after the visit
> personal workspace 'memory'
> no time limit in using ICT
> tools for coordination of group work
> submission of group work for publication in the museum content repository

homm_ICT for hands-on multimedia activities in musems

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