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Suggestions for the Textile Gallery at Crafts Museum

During the meeting on HOMM, 22nd December 2011, at Craft Museum, participants were asked to give two suggestions for the textiles gallery.

Here a summary of their suggestions:

Marie Eve Celio Scheurer
1. some short movies (lets' say 5) showing some examples (let's say again 5) of how to wrap a sari; offering a place where people could try to wrap a sari as shown in the movies (again 5 styles).
2. some short movies explaining some techniques (like ikkat); offering a place where people could try to wave. We could also imagine some atelier with block printing....on t-shirts...

Anupam Sah
1. Software for material, technology and conservations status of the textile collection should be incorporated in Digitisation project.
2. The design of the storage and display of textiles should be revamped to enhance the longevity of the collection.

Arundhati Mitter
1. Design of narratives about different textile techniques will vary according to the audience targeted.
2. Decide on target audience/s and map narrative accordingly.

Kanu Agrawal
1. Keep communication simple, do not put too much information. Many people will not even know what is 'warp' or 'weft' so have to begin there.
2. Use classification i.e. pre-loom, on-loom, post-loom, as this is very good way to understand different classes of technique.
3. Reactivate looms in gallery so that some things can be understood through them.

Margherita Russo
1. Allow visitors to touch different types of textile
2. Select some pieces of the textile collection to be riproduced and then sold in the shop, to underline that it is a current production and not only a past tradition.
3. Host periodically in the gallery an exibhition on "New design on traditional techniques or new design and new techniques"
4. Leave some sheets of paper and colours to encorage the visitors to draw the patterns of some of the items in the textile collection: it might be a way of observing them in depth and discovering the structure of their pattern or simply their beauty

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